Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats with Our Comprehensive Phishing Test

From small businesses to large enterprises, we provide phishing tests that effectively mimic real-world phishing attacks. For these simulations we offer a range of well-prepared scenarios, although it is always possible to choose a newly made scenario specifically tailored to your companies needs. Regardless of your choice, we will support you throughout the entire testing process, from the initial preparations to effectively handling the test results. Discover the vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity defences and request a non-binding quote today to strengthen your protection against evolving threats.

Effortless Testing, Valuable Insights and Expert Advice — We Handle it All

We take care of it all: from setting up the phishing tests to providing guidance on how to approach employees who did not pass the test. This way we maximize the learning experience for everyone. Moreover, we do all of this whilst minimizing the work for your company! 

With over 15 years of experience in cybersecurity we have developed a collaborative approach that sets us apart. While we provide expert advice, we believe in working hand in hand with your team, thus empowering the involved individuals to make informed decisions regarding the selection and fine-tuning of the phishing test scenario. We understand that every organization is unique, and we are here to assist you with anything that may be required to ensure a successful testing process. Do you want to learn more? We are ready to answer all your questions!  Just contact us and we will call you back. 

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Did you know that approximately 36% of all data breaches are due to phishing?

This staggering statistic underscores the critical need to train your colleagues and raise awareness of the risks of phishing. Take the first step towards making your company more aware by contacting us today. With our expertise, we can help you move in the right direction and strengthen your cybersecurity defences. Do not wait until it is too late. If needed, we can even start the test within a week.

The Phishing Test Options that we Offer


Choose from a selection of scenarios and personalize the texts to suit your organization's needs. Additionally, all scenarios include name spoofing, so that it looks like the phishing email was send by someone in your company, even though it was not.

✔ Good as an initial baseline assessment
✔ Good for regular testing to maintain awareness
✔ Start within a week


With the Fully Tailored phishing test, we create a custom phishing mail and website tailored to your company. Providing a realistic and more advanced experience for employees.

✔ Good for providing deeper insights
✔ Good for realistic hacker scenarios

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Advanced Simulation

Experience advanced techniques, such as bypassing 2 factor authentication or attempting remote connections, pushing the boundaries of security awareness. Here we can try it all.

✔ Ideal for protecting sensitive information
✔ Protect your company to the most severe forms of hacking

The process of a phishing test

1. Preparation

During this phase, we discuss the scenario details, such as the sender of the email and the content. All scenarios include name spoofing: the email appears to be sent by someone within the organization, when it was actually sent by us.
However, by paying close attention, it is always evident that the email was not actually sent by that person.

Once the scenario is ready, we test if the email successfully reaches a test recipient. If it does not, we include the sender’s email address in the organizations email whitelist.

We also provide the designated sender with forms to prepare them for handling possible colleagues responses. Moreover, we require a list of email addresses and names of colleagues. While it is possible to proceed without it, having this list ensures that we test all colleagues effectively.

2. The phishing Test Itself
After all preparations are completed, we discuss the date and starting time of the test. Half an hour before the start, we briefly get in contact to ensure that everyone is ready. Once the test is initiated, we will inform the organization. At the end of the test day, we send an interim report. This report includes information on who clicked on the phishing link, provided a password, or replied to the email. After that we have to wait and identify how much more data we are (and will be) receiving, so that we can choose the right closing date for the test.

3. Wrap-up of Phishing Test
We provide a form that can be shared within the company after the closing date. This serves as an initial learning opportunity, explaining what was done, why it was done, and the lessons learned. If there is interest, we can also offer training sessions to further enhance the learning experience.

Our vision and mission

In a world full of digital advancements, our mission is to raise awareness among employees of organizations about the dangers of these advancements. Both cybersecurity and awareness of these dangers are essential, and we approach them with enthusiasm and positivity. Our goal is to reduce the chances of companies falling victim to phishing attacks.

We consider it important to raise this awareness in a customer-friendly manner. Therefore, we highly value the process of collaborating with companies and organizations to fend off phishing attacks. By understanding companies and their work culture—knowing that each organization has unique needs and approaches—we can tailor the phishing simulations to meet their requirements. Preparing, initiating and successfully conducting the right tests helps companies become more resilient and aware. This way we can support companies in strengthening all aspects of their cybersecurity defences using a constructive and respectful approach.

With our vision, we aim to make a positive impact on companies’ security posture and help them navigate the digital landscape confidently.